The goal of the Secret Masters of Fandom Markup Language [SmofML tm ] is to facilitate and promote the exchange of intellectual and life experiences by establishing a cutting-edge, standards-based, extensible language framework expressly designed to meet the unique needs and goals of the Smofish community.

Next Open Standards Design Group Meeting

22 March 2003
Pennfield's Lounge
Rye Town Hilton Hotel
Rye Brook, NY

The use of XML will permit SmofMLtm to offer unparalleled 1 data inoperability and opacity. All Smofish communications, from the most solemn and formal motions of a business meeting through any spontaneous private intercourse, can be recorded, organised2, and preserved in SmofMLtm . Smofish heritage need no longer be endangered by the human failings of memory or the inherent distribution limits of fanzines, nor exposed to the stylistic whimsy of recording secretaries.

SmofMLtm will be content neutral. No idea is too silly, no flaw too trivial, nor any fact nor even claim of fact too irrelevant for inclusion in a SmofMLtm document. The SmofMLtm cabal consortium will endeavour2 to adhere to all applicable standards, including full adherence to XML initiatives and ISO 9006 buzzword compliance guidelines.

Notes of the open standards design group appear below:

1Skew lines, by definition, are not parallel. And this is as skewed as it gets.
2Please note, RFC 1149 requires the use of British spelling in all cases where such spelling shall make us seem sophisticated.